Si-Gung defines what a “Master” of a Martial Art should be.  He possesses a tremendous depth of understanding of the Hung Gar style, and is committed to preserving the art in its original form.  The curriculum Golden Tiger uses today is the same curriculum used when he opened the school 35 years ago in 1980.  Si-Gung sees the details that make hung gar an art and pushes his students to do the same.  He knows the how of Hung Gar, but he also knows the reason why it is done the way it is.  As a teacher, Si-Gung knows, from his years of experience, how to convey complex physical ideas in the most efficient way possible.

Si-Gung began his training in martial arts in 1969.  His experience spans 46 years as of 2015.  He received his first black belt in 1977.  He has studied six different Martial Arts including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido and Ninjutsu, although he has specialized in Kung Fu.  He has participated in numerous tournaments and seminars.

Si-Gung has taught Kung Fu and self defense in many other cities, such as Toronto, Hamilton, Stratford, Elmira, Mildmay and Cambridge.  Besides operating classes at Golden Tiger at night and weekends, he has taught self defense classes at local High Schools.  For example, Forest Heights, Bluevale, K.C.I., Cameron and W.C.I. during the day for the last 24 years.

During his years in Martial Arts, Si-Gung has also had roles in five different Movies.

It takes approximately six years of training to earn a legitimate proper black belt in a Martial Art.  To date, Golden Tiger has promoted approximately 190 students to black belt, studying under Si-Gung, Paul Szasz.