“I expected to become physically stronger when I joined Golden Tiger, and I was not disappointed.  What I did not expect, and what I appreciate the most, is the way Kung Fu has changed the way I interact with the everyday world.  My reflexes are faster, my judgement keener, my confidence level is greatly increased, and I have more energy.  I am also better at other sports when I play them.”  – Shawn

“To me, Kung Fu has been an asset in every aspect of my life.  I have learned much more at Kung Fu than just learning how to throw a punch or kick.  After 13 years at the school, I have gained a perspective on every day events that most people don’t even consider.  I have gained confidence in my abilities to defend myself and my loved ones, but I have also gained an edge at my job when it comes to creative thinking or looking for opportunities that others have missed.  I am much more observant than the average individual, allowing me to have more in-depth insights to an individual’s mood and state of mind through noticing body language and the smallest of nervous ticks.” – Ricky

“Kung Fu isn’t just a martial art, but a lifestyle.  I have incorporated this lifestyle in all my  daily routines, including my occupation, leisure life and recreational sports.

First of all, Kung Fu helped me develop my body and protect it from harm.  Not only did I become stronger and flexible, but I also learned how to lift and move heavy objects without injury with the use of the unique stances.  This application became very important when I entered the labour force after my secondary schooling.  As I performed manual labour with others I noticed that many people departed from work with aches and pains.  However, my body withstood the daily tasks with minimal fatigue.  The techniques I developed through Kung Fu also boosted my abilities in recreational sports as it increased my hand-eye coordination significantly.

Secondly, Kung Fu has taught me to understand a moment and take it in.  In today’s fast paced life, seldom do we stop, listen, and observe the beauty that the world holds.  for many years I strolled through life in a rush and missed many opportunities that I would have enjoyed.  Now I practice patience when I talk to individuals, complete a task, or even as I take a walk.  This allows me to see, feel, and enjoy all moments that may occur throughout my life.

In addition, I found that Kung Fu increased my general health level and helped me stave off sickness.  Now when I become sick, the symptoms are minimal and my recovery time is short, allowing me to enjoy life to the fullest.

These are a few of the reasons why I believe Kung Fu is a lifestyle and not just a martial art.  You can go to many places to learn how to fight and protect yourself, but there are very few places that help you develop your life the way Golden Tiger does.” – Kyle

“When I first started learning Kung Fu, I didn’t want to join.  I thought of it as a man’s activity and actually thought the whole martial arts thing was kind of dumb.  A friend of mine wanted me to join with her and after a couple of months of her nagging I said I would try it just so she would stop.  I’ve never looked back.  I have to say that at first it was hard.  In my first workout I did one push-up.  The next day I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.

Being in martial arts as a woman has done tremendous things for my self-esteem and self-assurance.  I’m confident about being almost anywhere and walk with confidence.  I’m trained to be aware of what’s around me at all times.  people sense that self confidence and awareness.  It sends them a ‘don’t mess with me’ message.  That’s especially important for women.

Another perk is the fitness side, of course.  I feel stronger than I did 30 years ago.  I can do things most of my friends can’t.  The mental relaxation of having that time every week to forget everything else because I am at Kung Fu and concentrating on only that is what keeps me going sometimes.  To me fitness is not just physical but mental as well.  It’s a package.

I love Kung Fu.  I have 2 family members who are black belts and my youngest daughter is now in orange.  She wants to be just like her mom.  I couldn’t be prouder.

I often wonder why, in this day and age, every woman does not see the importance of learning how to defend herself.  I don’t mean just taking a few classes that they would forget after a few months or a year.  I mean making some sort of defense system a part of their lives.  That way it becomes an extension of your person.

Martial arts can make women more aware of what choices they have in their presentation and response to others.  Martial arts training provides a variety of responses to different situations as well as builds confidence and self-esteem.  Some women have a hard time achieving a balance of emotional and physical well-being.  Martial arts assist in attaining the perfect balance to ensure leading a full and healthy life.  Pro-action rather than regret.” – Sabine